Jon Harris Photography

Our experience with Jon was 100% positive, from beginning to end. He was friendly, relaxed, accommodating, and quick to respond to questions. His attention to detail – whether it was the embroidery on my dress, the flowers and decorations, or moments of laughter between friends – was absolutely magical. Thank you so much Jon!

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Naomi & Andrew

ANU wedding, Canberra

NSW South Coast wedding photographer

Hi! Welcome to my website, and my world of photography. I’m Jon, and I’m a South Coast wedding photographer. I live in the happy little town of Gerringong – about 2hrs south of Sydney. And guess what? Gerringong is an AMAZING location for your South Coast wedding! Whether you want a beach wedding, a vineyard wedding, or a farm wedding – Gerringong is well worth a look.

Natural wedding photography

I’m best described as a candid wedding photographer… in other words, my wedding photography is photojournalistic, or natural. I let my couples be who they want to be, and let the day unfold naturally. In this way, I document all the important moments – the laughter, the tears, the hugs of joy, and those moments when you think no-one is watching :).

Why become a wedding photographer?

People ask me, ‘Why do you do wedding photography? Isn’t it stressful as hell???’. My response is that yes, it is stressful, and both physically and mentally demanding. But, like so many things in life, the good outweighs the bad. I’m not just a guy that rocks up and takes photos on the day. I develop a connection with you in the lead up to the happiest day of your life. I’m with you throughout the entire wedding day, with all the emotions that come along for the ride. Finally – and best of all – I get to tell the story of you on your wedding day :).

Apart from the personal connections of the day, there are a few other reasons why I chose to become a wedding photographer on the South Coast. My love of the lens began with landscape photography, and later architectural photography. I love integrating these into my wedding photography by showcasing your venue and surrounding location.

I also love travelling and exploring, so every time I get the opportunity to shoot a wedding in a new location is super exciting! Whether it’s travelling further down the South Coast, up into the Southern Highlands, interstate or even internationally – I’m always keen! So no matter where you are planning to have it, I can help with your:

Gerringong wedding
Kiama wedding
Berry wedding
Jervis Bay wedding
Shoalhaven wedding
Sapphire Coast wedding
Kangaroo Valley wedding
Southern Highlands wedding
Wollongong wedding
Destination wedding!

So, if you’ve decided that you want fun, relaxed and elegant wedding photography, then why not check out a few more of my images and see if you like them? If so, then the next step is to get in touch – I’d love to meet you both and find out some more about your wedding plans!

NSW South Coast landscape photographer

In addition to being a South Coast wedding photographer, I’d also like to claim the title of South Coast landscape photographer :). Shooting landscapes is where I really got hooked on photography.

Living on the South Coast, I’m fairly spoilt for choice on where to shoot. Even if I just limited myself to Gerringong, I reckon we have some of the best places on the South Coast right here! Seascapes, beachscapes, rolling hills and rural landscapes are never far away. A short drive up the escarpment brings sweeping vistas, waterfalls and rainforests. But of course, I’ll take my camera whenever I travel in the search for new and exciting places to photograph.

I think my lifelong love of nature has driven this passion of mine. It’s an excuse to get outside, in the quiet periods around sunrise and sunset. The hardest part is to make sure I put the camera down occasionally, and just be in the moment! I’m constantly in awe of how this world works. I’m also keenly aware that our planet is a fragile thing, struggling to cope with modern society. I hope that by sharing the natural beauty of our planet, people will be more inclined to care for the environment.