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NSW South Coast landscape photographer

Call me bold – but I’d like to claim the title of South Coast landscape photographer :). Shooting landscapes is where I really got hooked on photography.

Living on the South Coast, I’m fairly spoilt for choice on where to shoot. Even if I just limited myself to Gerringong, I reckon we have some of the best places on the South Coast right here! Seascapes, beachscapes, rolling hills and rural landscapes are never far away. A short drive up the escarpment brings sweeping vistas, waterfalls and rainforests. But of course, I’ll take my camera whenever I travel in the search for new and exciting places to photograph.

I think my lifelong love of nature has driven this passion of mine. It’s an excuse to get outside, in the quiet periods around sunrise and sunset. The hardest part is to make sure I put the camera down occasionally, and just be in the moment! I’m constantly in awe of how this world works. I’m also keenly aware that our planet is a fragile thing, struggling to cope with modern society. I hope that by sharing the natural beauty of our planet, people will be more inclined to care for the environment.

NSW South Coast property photographer

South Coast Landscape Photographer is just part of the story – I also love to photograph properties! My love of design and architecture, plus my own experience in renovating and styling a few of my own homes, gives me a good eye for well designed homes and structures.

Once again, the NSW South Coast is home to a stunning array of properties, from coastal homes to rural abodes. I feel so privileged to work with my clients who let me into their homes, so I can showcase their property for sale, holiday rental or just simply as a record of what they’ve achieved!