“Jon has taken photos at our farm on a few different occasions…
he’s taken some utterly stunning landscapes”


Step into my office.

Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always loved nature. Animals and plants, clouds and weather, tiny details and intricate patterns. It’s no wonder I eventually picked up a camera so I could share these fascinating aspects of our world!

Landscapes, to me, are the epitomy of nature. I love the cool, pre-dawn of a sunrise shoot… seeing the colours change so quickly yet so subtly. Hearing the morning chorus of birds and insects. Smelling the fresh start to the day. Such a pleasant and invigorating sensory experience.

My first exploration into photography was shooting landscapes, and it remains my passion. I aim to incorporate the landscape into the other facets of my craft… whether it is showcasing the stunning venue of a wedding, or telling the grander story of a property. Landscape photography is also a great excuse to travel (funny, I love travelling!) and see more amazing places in this world.

Like all of my photographic work, nothing pleases me more than seeing an image complete it’s journey to become a printed work. All of my images are available for sale in a range of products – if you can imagine one of these images on your wall, then please get in touch.